Apontesierra is a multidisciplinary artist (performing art, visual art, poet, journalist), and a public speaker working in South Florida.

Visual Art: AponteSierra’s body of work is created using Paper Manipulation Fine ArtInk on CanvasManipulated Photography. – Public Art. AponteSierra was so committed to his craft and his community that when he graduated high school he earned a scholarship to Magdalena University for acting. Instead of majoring in the arts, he chose to major in Fishing Engineering with a specialty in environmental planning.

He found his art mentor, Mary Luz Giraldo Arismendiz, while he was attending Magdalena University. She was the director of a private theater company called “Corporación Los Muñecos” and admired AponteSierra’s attention to detail. AponteSierra was able to perfect his craft in Paper-mâché, Sewing, and Origami, with her guidance.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he got his first public art commission: COVIDA. You can see more about COVIDA here in this link: Covida: A Public Art Sculpture by Apontesierra

Poetry-Poesía: Spanish poetry is a unique breed. It’s not only beautiful to read, but it’ll equip you with romantic phrases and everything beyond while using the Spanish language, that is why AponteSierra chose to share his poetry using his native Spanish language. His upcoming Book: Fragmentos de Luz para un Amor que Amé, Amo y Amaré. 

“Soy un experimentador de las artes con una mezcla de influencias: escribo poesías, creo piezas de arte visual y plásticas. También soy un practicante del arte escénico y además poseo una multidisciplinaria imaginación con la  que  materializo sueños”.Emilio Apontesierra-Paretti

Public Speaking: Not all talks are created the same and AponteSierra talks about Social Issues within LatinX Communities in South Florida and Sexual Health including HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

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