Manipulated Photography

Portraits custom made using non-traditional styles and mediums


“I did not set out to be a visual artist nor did I intend to create artwork relating to health issues or social commentary, but as my portfolio evolved and people started to take notice of my work, the outcome and my purpose were clearly laid out before me. I am very pleased with the outcome”– AponteSierra

Sometimes AponteSierra’s photographs are left to hibernate in the computer and other times when he is inspired by a world event, the twinkle in a child’s eye or a kind smile, he gets to work and resurrects the photos, bringing them back to life with new manipulated images using the brush or the airbrush from Paint, a computer program.

“My art is influenced by everything I see, feel and experience, but I have always loved the work of Van Gogh especially his drawings in charcoal and ink. I transformed these photographs into contemporary images where the black and white reminds me of a charcoal draw”…”Each person interprets something a little different from the same photograph and I’m happy with that”. –  AponteSierra.



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